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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> end zone. touchdown. >> the eagles kick off the 2016 season with a dominating win at the linc at the start of a new era for the birds. i'm natasha brown, thanks so much for joining us. birds do the 98ed the cleveland browns on both sides of the ball and you saw it on cbs3. and guess who saw it close and personal? sports director don bell. out with the crowds. quite a way to start >> next stop super bowl? >> let's go with that. they're looking good already. >> maybe not. i'm kidding but it was great. fun. >> ok. >> eight days ago, carson wentz was a third string quarterback. today, he was the number one reason to believe in the birds. he is the first rookie quarterback to start a season for the eagles since 1939. the second overall pick making a bunch of plays but you can see
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from early on, that he was up for the challenge. his first completion right there to zach ertz one handed grab and a 14-yard game. later on that very same drive, sock in the end zone it goes to jordan mathews first career touchdown pass by carson wentz. he was 22 of 37 passing for 278 yards. two touchdowns, no picks. the eagles win by 19. here's carson. >> i came out pretty early when there's no fans outside there and kind of took it all in. just realized how truly blessed i am to have this opportunity and to make the most of it and be a member of the game. you dream and you want to win. that was the goal today and we came out and got a great team win. i think it will hit me after the game, you know, i've been dreaming about this since i was a kid. but again, it's just the first of many. it's on to next week. >> after the game, wentz took to
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twitter. he writes first of many, great team win, love the way the linc was rocking. #fly eagles fly, #a o 1. stands for audience one. he plays for the lord. kyle hall is thankful. when carson through his touchdown pass, kyle was on the other end. here's what i mean. take a look at this video. beautifully shot from the back of the end zone jordan mathews touchdown catch a but he can't stop until he hits kyle. he's looking at the sky. then he's like -- let me check out my lens. kyle where are you? right there, he's like what happened? kyle gets crushed. bro, your reaction? >> i'm just, lining up in the corner at the end zone, you know, waiting for him. i hope the ball comes kind of near me it will make for a good shot. there goes, ten ebb 15-year-old pass. i see mathews grab it both his
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feet in then he keeps on lunging forward i'm like he's coming right at me. intention thing i remember is a big hit in the face and i go backwards about ten yards into the barrier and fall in the barrier. >> kyle hall. literally taking one for the team. the cbs3 sports team. no concussion to report. he's going to be ok. he's going to be all right for week two. you know why? because he's a baller. >> my goodness. i know think goodness he's already. >> he's a tough guy >> kept rolling. >> thank you. >> put some ice on that thing >> we'll see you. s at the eagles fans are excited is an under statement as you can imagine. they're thrilled with the big win and carson wentz's performance as well. the region is overcome with wentz mania, trang do is live at lincoln financial field with
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more. >> eagles fans had sky high expectations for carson wentz. as you said, he did not disappoint at all. now, he told reporters in a post game interview that he really doesn't get nervous and he really showed that out on the field today. and won the hearts of how to of eagles fans in the process. >> strike up the band. a new chapter of eagles history has begun >> the era of the wentz. the era of wentz. >> i've been waiting a long time. i hope it happens before i'm 60. i've 54, i need a super bowl baby. eagles! . >> reporter: surpassing expectations, number 11 throwing a today's link touchdown pass to jordan mathews. >> for him to come and do this in the first game, really proud of him. wentz did great today. go eagles. >> reporter: the rest of the game did not disappoint with the birds flying high over the
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browns 29-10 >> completed a lot of passes. two touchdowns and no interceptions. >> great game. >> reporter: it was doug pederson's debut as head coach. he gave andy reid's high mark >> very andy reidesque. they pulled this together. there was good running of the ball. >> many hoping it's just the beginning of a winning season on the wentz wagon. and wentz and company next head to chicago to take on the bears on september 19th. for now, live outside lincoln financial field, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> looking forward to that. thank you so much. the eagles were not just thinking about football today. they also observed the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks.
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players, first responders and military personnel joined vice president joe biden in holding a field size american flag during the national anthem. president obama recorded a special message for the fans and the team and the tribute ended with fighter jets flying over lincoln financial field. >> reporter: democratic nominee hillary clinton had a health scare during a september 11th ceremony at ground 0. the campaign now says she will not travel to california monday for her previously scheduled events. this is the latest shake-up in the presidential race just 57 days now until election day. cbs news correspondent jamie yucus has more. >> reporter: just before she fatalers a couple times and stumbles into her van. clinton has been attend, the ceremony at ground 0 to mark the 15th anniversary. before it began, clinton exchanged hugs with others
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attending. clinton only the attended an hour and a half of the ceremony held in lower manhattan. a campaign spokesperson said she became overheated and left to go to her daughter chelsea's nearby apartment. clinton left the apartment building a short time later. >> feeling great. >> reporter: and aid said clinton was examined by a doctor at her home. the doctor said clinton was experiencing a kind of related to allergies. after it didn't go away, clintons was evaluated again friday and diagnosed with pneumonia. she was prescribed antibodies and advised to rest. she became overheated and dehydrated but is now he hydrated and recovering nicely. donald trump also attended the observation. he told reporters he didn't know anything about clinton's health incident but trump supporters long questioned the 68-year-old's health and stamina, had he maintains she is
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healthith no major health concerns. the nation paused to remember the thousands of lives lost 15 years ago. there were tears, poems and pledges to never forget. only the moments of silence interrupted the reading of the names >> kevin w donely. jaclyn donovan. >> nearly 3,000 victims of september 11th attacks were remembered one by one. >> whenever you wore a ridiculous shirt such as the one i'm sporting, we didn't whether to laugh or cry. today, we will do both. >> my father, walter a matusa, junior. we miss you >> phillip haze has been to all 15 ceremonies. >> when they clang for the bell the time my dad lost his life. that exact moment was the most touching >> remember those lost at the pentagon, president obama hailed the sacrifice of the fallen and
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the rye zillion of those left behind. >> we come together in prayer and gratitude for the strength that has fortified us across these 15 years >> flight 93 crashed in shanksville, an honor guard placed a wreath at the memorial honoring the 40 passengers and crew. day of working to move forward while vowing not to forget. >> the city of philadelphia honored those who perished on 9/11 during a special ceremony in old city. a promotion from the firemen's hall museum from the betsy ross house. that's where a bell ringing ceremony was held to remember the 403 new york city firefighters, paramedics, police officers and port authority officers killed in roxboro, the 21 it's war veteran association held a prayer vigil to observe 9/11. veterans challenged everyone to show that america still stands strong and we will not cave in
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to violent evil acts of terrorism. running to remember cooper river parked posted a hero's run, hundreds of folks laced up their sneakerers to honor the fallen. benefit the camden county hero's scholarship fund and the travis manian foundation. manian was a ma rainy from doylestown killed in iraq. >> "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden takes us to a commercial commemoration in chester county. >> when someone there's somberness. >> reporter: for sisters knee in a me trow and valerie fox, the support columns known as tridents remindses them of their late father. never to return to this chester
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county city until things changed on that day 15 years ago. >> i remember seeing the pictures, you know, of 9/11 on tv. >> reporter: the motivation of the terror that day, some describe it a spirit of hatred, nine tridents were returned to coatesville in 2010. >> but then they came back in a loving way. and it all came together again >> there are more plans on the horizon, eventually all nine tridents will be up righted as part of a larger memorial for this area. the time spent here reflecting helps on a day like today. >> to think how many people ran into that fury of terror. it was just, you know, the firemen, the police, to try and help others. >> reporter: remembering 15 years later how a country pulled together in the face of you are the destruction. >> we are galvanized americans,
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not terrorized, just like the steel. >> reporter: joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> stay with us, still to come on "eyewitness news" an enormous flag flying over parts of our region, watch as america one takes flight in this soaring tribute. >> we had our first of two cool-downs arrive. the second will bring us a fall-like feel, when to expect high temperatures in the 70's in your full forecast coming up. find out how one woman's love of french fries landed her in handcuffs and the back of a police car. we'll tell you about it when we come back.
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. scrap yard fires sends plumes of smoke billowing over the air. it could be seen from the linc.
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flames broke out at camden iron and male about 1:15. no injuries reported. not clear what sparked the massive fire a special hot air balloon is flying over chester county to remember the victims of 9/11. the u.s. flag balloon america 1 took to the skies in upper ukland county. they saw many volunteers inflate the balloons. the balloon is 78 feet long, 53 feet high. and more than 70 feet tall. >> as we're flying over houses, people salute, clap, cheer. you know, the american flag, when it deploys by, people are proud. we can all argue, we can be republicans, democrats and independents, we have to come together as americans and that's the important thing. when america 1 flies, that happens >> it flies all around the country. a 76ers icon is continuing to give back, dr. jay host add
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black tie ball to benefit the salvation army. another basketball legend shaquille o'neill were among the celebrities showing to support >> salvation army has been a live long friend of mine, ally. i'd like to make them even more potent in terms of the inspiration for young people >> this is part of the second annual julius irving golf classic. honoring the best of philadelphia about basketball lifestyle and golf. sully scores one of the best september openings ever. >> brace for impact. >> tom hanks stars as captain sully lindbergher. he landed in 29 after a bird
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strike destroyed the plane's jens, all 155 passengers on board survived. sully earned $35.5 million in its opening the fifth best september openings. don't breathe was third followed by suicide squad and the wildlife. a woman in dc faces theft charges now for stealing french fries from the plate of a police officer, the officer was eating at a restaurant on wednesday when two women sat down next to him and tried to start a conversation. police say one of the women reached over and took a fry. she wound up in handcuffs and faces theft charges. police say the investigation is ongoing >> don't ever take a fry,
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they're serious business >> this weather, great way to end the weekend. >> what a sigh of relief after all of that heat and humidity. the ac getting a sent work-out getting a break with the cooler and drier air that moved in across the delaware valley. and a beautiful evening right now getting a live look at center city philadelphia, still lit up in eagles green after the big win today. temperature also a big winner, 74 degrees, winds out of the northeast at around 10 miles per hour, we had the wind shift on the back side of a cold front that came through early and going to give us a great start with low humidity and lots of sunshine, we do increase the humidity a bit by mid week i will be brief. a second cold front coming through wednesday. cool us down further with highs in the 70's in store as we head into thursday and friday. temperatures much cooler at this hour. 24 hours ago checking in on our live neighborhood network, sinking spring rico 58, blue bell at 66 and across the area,
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pretty cool, little bit of an urban heat effect going on in center city philadelphia. much cooler yesterday as 74. we're at 64 in the lehigh valley. and 54 degrees right now in the poconos. also, the huge difference in the due points, check out these due point drop-offs over last 24 hours on the order of 25 degrees, meaning when you step outside, it feels so much more comfortable with these due points down into the 40's. that is feeling nice and fall-like. yesterday, our comfort index was this this category, insufferable, now we're off charts in the awesome category, tomorrow, the due points will stay in the awesome range, overnight with the dry air, clear sky conditions, temperatures cooling down efficiently to chilly levels and parts of the lehigh valley, berks county and poconos might be reaching nor that extra blanket. 48 degrees the overnight low in mount pocono. we'll drop to 62 in philadelphia. 61 in millville. so overnight tonight, great sleeping weather, mostly clear,
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just a northeast wind around five miles per hour. and for our work week, looking great. bright sunshine, feeling great, low humidity with a high temperature right around average at 80. stormscan 3 showing us quiet conditions, high pressure is now in control promoting that stable, that sinking air, we're going to take a look at something that might scare i was little bit, this is montana but it is snowfall coming down if you're familiar with glacier national park. going to the sun road with that snow coming down in september. we know it's a season of transition because we have snow and we have the tropics on top of that. checking close to home. no problems going on raw in the gulf of mexico. caribbean looking ok, even if the system does come together, forecast models saying it is not going to be a problem for the united states, a concensus and the models will take a system,
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keep it moving northbound and up into the waters of the northern atlantic. not a problem at all tomorrow, beautiful conditions all across the region. a great beach day. sunshine 75 degrees. beautiful in the poconos. at 72 degrees with that nice low humidity. as we head into the next several days, very quiet conditions a bit warmer as we head into tuesday, 84, up to 87 by wednesday, muggier conditions but a cold front drops in wednesday, could bring us an isolated shower, will bring us much cooler and comfortable air as we head into thursday, getting a big taste of fall with high temperatures in the 70's, 76 degrees on thursday. and a nice book end to the work week with another nice day 78 and sunshine on friday. >> how lovely. and welcoming. thank you. we appreciate that. lauren. >> we're still basking in the glow. look at don. glowing with victory. it gets washed over him. the eagles closed out the
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browns. we'll show you how carson and the birds were able to take over we'll show you how carson and the birds were able to take over in the second ha afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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with top prizes of a million bucks? winning. on the spot. (cheers) play million in an instant from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin' . this is how you feel after an eagles win. >> a little gitty. >> let's get right to it >> the eagles open season with a win over the cleveland browns. three the most critical place. to the linc we go. second quarter, browns with the ball. a fake punt, duke johnson stuffed out the birds will later add a field goal. we fast forward to the third. the biggest call of the game for the rookie head coach doug pederson. go for it on fourth and 4. carson wentz finds zach ertz. next play, carson standing
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delivering 35-yard touchdown to nelson agholor. that's his second career touchdown catch and the eagles win and blow out fashion 29-10. >> he's a great football player and a great competitor. that's what comes down to being poisoned like that. he understands what the game is going to be. he's going to take hits and make great place >> i thought the game plan was good, a lot more than expected. he handled it well. one thing he always had since he's gotten here is a lot of confidence and that's showing. >> the veterans like malcomb jenkins becoming believers. coming up in the sports zone we'll have more on carson wentz's debut and how the eagles defense kept the browns offense in check. darwin walker will give us his thoughts on carson's debut, mel reese will join us. >> appreciate it. thank you. stay with us. still ahead, a big honor for a member of the "eyewitness news"
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family. that's our friend, walt hunter. see what he's up to these days and what great fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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♪ special honor for a member of the cbs3 family. former "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter received
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the media lifetime achievement award. it was presented to him by the philadelphia fire department as part of the annual firefighters and paramedics recognition day. he's the first ever recipient of this achievement award. congratulations, this award is so well deserved. lauren is back with the last check on the
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. not bad week shaping up >> great start to the work week tomorrow, sunshine, 80's, low humidity.
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a bit warmer and more humid wednesday, dry conditions take us to the end of the week. friday looking beautiful. drop back to the 70's for high temperatures starting on thursday. a nice comparison after our heat streak. >> yes, tell me about it. that's a lot more fall-like, we do appreciate that. thank you for joining us, we're always on for you we're handing things over to the cbs sports zone. >> lesley, she's close? >> she's very close. lesley van arsdale
11:35 pm
everybody hop aboard the wednesday wagon, carson with an incredible day against the browns. the wednesday wagon. >> the rest of the nfl in full swing. we got fantastic finishes. we'll highlight from around the league. week one in the nfl coming up. >> years from now, this may not be just another sunday. it could be the day that eagles fans fell in love with carson wentz. >> fell in love with carson wentz? >> it could be. >> we have a lot to get to tonight. yes. the main event, game one of the carson wentz era. and so many people question that in competition level wentz played in college one of the most important things we've learned, he can compete and succeed at this level.


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